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dataedge attened the First Meeting of PKI Forum


dataedge CA delivered Wildcard SSL Certificate to Ministry of Finance.


Contract Signing with Janata Bank Limited


Contract Signing Ceremony with Ministry of ICT


Seminar on e-Governence and Digital Signature at BCC

Knowledge Base
Public Key Infrastructure
A PKI is an arrangement that binds public keys with respective user identities by means of a certification authority. The user identity must be unique within the CA domain.
Key Pair
An ordered set of public key and private key is called a key pair. A public key is the one, which is published; where as a private key is kept to self.
Digital Certificate
A digital certificate is an electronic document which uses a digital signature to bind a public key with an identity – information such as name of the person, organization and so on.
Digital Signature
A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or document.
Certificate Authority
A certification authority (CA) is a trusted third party entity that issues a digital certificate. A certification authority is a trusted third party with respect to the owner (subject) of the digital certificate and the party relying on the digital certificate.
Certificate policy
A Certificate Policy, as defined in X.509, is a named set of rules that indicates the applicability of a certificate to a particular community and/or class of application with common security requirements.
Certificate Policy Class
A certificate policy class is defined under a policy, which specifies the characteristics of a digital certificate issued under the policy. In other words, a certificate policy class is a sub classification of a policy.
Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
It is a public statement that describes the practices of a Certification Authority, employed for issuing, renewing, revoking and validating digital certificates and for supporting reliance on certificates.
Registration Authority
A registration authority (RA) is an entity which provides assurance to the certification authority, that a public key is bound to an individual.
Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
It is a digital message in PKCS#10 formats, sent by an applicant to a certification authority, in order to apply for a digital certificate.
DN Details
DN stands for distinguished names. The DN details should be specified in the CSR, while submitting a request. These DN details can be used to identify a subject's certificate.