OTP Token

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication

SafeNet's One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication products generate highly secure one-time passwords ensuring that only properly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data. SafeNet OTP authenticators are available in both time and event-based versions, never expire, and require no battery replacements.They also comply with OATH standards and are ideal for remote access solutions.


OTP authentication device with LCD display, battery, and OTP generation button
Time-sync and event-based configuration options
Support for OATH TOTP and OATH HOTP protocols
Field programmable for enhanced security
Standard support for RADIUS OTP


Enhanced security with two-factor authentication to networks, SaaS applications, and web-based services
Increased control over OTP security data offered with field-programmable devices initialized at customer’s premises
Secure mobility with portable OTP key fob that can be carried by users wherever business takes them
Cost effective with effortless back-end configuration, low maintenance, and long-lasting battery life
Facilitates compliance with privacy and industry regulations