Cryptographic Token

Secure token in portable USB format

The IDBridge K30 is a compact, USB device that offers multi-application dynamic smart card functionality. It can be used with any USB connection for Identity and Access Management applications such as network authentication, digital signatures and other services based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Smart card security with USB convenience The IDBridge K30 combines smart card security with USB convenience to deliver the following benefits:
Highly secure – advanced protection is enabled by two factor authentication
something users have – the device, and something they know – their PIN.
Universal access – secure logical access control services can be used with any system having a USB connection. Support for major desktop operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux – standard USB specifications means the device works with virtually any network connection.
Easy to use – users simply insert the device into a USB port and enter a PIN to access onboard security applications.
Customizable – USB tokens can be customized with a customer’s logo and other branding